12 Years of R & D Innovation & Action

Welcome To Institute of Environment & Eco Development

IEED works with marginalized and peer groups of communities to improve environmental conditions and safeguard of human rights. In every sphere of our work, we aim to create positive social change, whether this is through groundwater replenishment to improve access to safe drinking water, and improve forest coverage and promote sustainable livelihood or by providing basic facilities. Institute of Environment & Eco Development is actively engaged in the promotion of human welfare through sound environmental and community management. We aim to enhance the quality of life of our local communities through our work in some specific focus areas, water, soil, agriculture, environment, pollution and sustainable livelihood. ` "To make the journey of life eventful I chose the intruded way and at the destination when I turned back I could see a swarm of people following the same social cause

Who we are

Founded in 2002, Institute of Environment & Eco development is a not-for-profit institute actively engaged in the promotion of human welfare through sound environmental and community management. We currently have 51 full-time staff, with a network of volunteers who come from far and wide to assist us in our work. Beginning in Patna City, we now work throughout Bihar and Jharkhand and beyond. Since 2002, But started carrier from UNICEF as state consultant, Micronutrient in Bihar looking for child development and nutrition. We have implemented three major programmes i.e. Vitamin A supplementation, National Iodine Deficiency Control Program and Anaemia Deficiency Control Program for children, women and adolescent girls in need of help and assistance in the region.

What we do

Institute of Environment & Eco Development empowers local communities to take action to preserve their environment and development through management natural resources for themselves and future generations. We achieve this though community participation in our projects and activities ensuring local people are consulted throughout the process of development. We strive for a sustainable future for mankind based on social justice and believe that this can only be achieved though the up-holding of all human rights and the rule of law.

We work to achieve:

* Safe, sufficient and sustainable water resources for all.
* Sustainably produced nutritious and healthy food for both current and future generations.
* The sustainable use of unpolluted natural resources; maintaining biodiversity and improving human health.
* Equality amongst marginalized communities, by safeguarding human rights and enhancing environmental conditions.
* Promote sustainable livelihood through micro-financing
* Nature Conservation

How we work

Institute of Environment & Eco Development undertakes this work through scientific and innovative research, campaigns, advocacy and grass-root level community action involvement. As a public interest institute the Institute of environment & Eco Development focuses on strengthening local communities through their active participation in the decision making process to achieve sustainable development for the community as a whole. We believe that environmental degradation can only be addressed adequately if local people are empowered in decision making at all levels and have control and conserve over their natural resources.

Geographical Spread

Institute of Environment & Eco Development operates from our head office in Patna ( Bihar) and our geographical reach covers the district of Bihar and Jharkhand, in addition to extending to other neighbouring state Orissa and West Bengal.